DBTB Episode 148: Gary Glass of Left Hand Brewing

There is more to Left Hand Brewing than just nitro stout, and the new head brewer, Gary Glass is here to explain while he takes us on a journey from his homebrewing beginnings and advocacy, to his first professional brewing job.

DBTB Episode 147: Mitch Steele of New Realm Brewing

The podcast returns to Georgia this week as we visit New Realm Brewing, where brewmaster Mitch Steele talks about brewing in the south, the allure of west coast IPA, and shares insights on his time at Stone and their recent acquisition.

DBTB Episode 141: Tom Beckmann of Goldfinger Brewing

With a thoughtful lager program that draws from tradition, Thomas Beckmann of Goldfinger Brewing in Illinois is serving mugs of distinction. We’ll talk about ingredients and regionality, and might actually create a new style.

DBTB Episode 140: Live from Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC

A live audience recording with Highland Brewing founder Oscar Wong, his daughter Leah Wong Ashburn, the brewery president and CEO, and journalist Jon Page. The panelists talk about longevity and legacy, tradition and innovation, volleyball, family dynamics and more.

DBTB Episode 129: Sam Tierney of Firestone Walker

Sam Tierney is the brewing manager of the Propagator, the small brewing project in Los Angeles from Firestone Walker. From how beers go through trials to hop experimentation we’ll cover it all.

DBTB Episode 128: Andrew Foss of Human Robot

Lagers get a lot of love at Human Robot Brewing in Pennsylvania and we’re talking with Head Brewer Andrew Foss about the brewery’s approach, fascination with aged hops, and expansion.