DBTB Episode 141: Tom Beckmann of Goldfinger Brewing

With a thoughtful lager program that draws from tradition, Thomas Beckmann of Goldfinger Brewing in Illinois is serving mugs of distinction. We’ll talk about ingredients and regionality, and might actually create a new style.

DBTB Episode 140: Live from Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC

A live audience recording with Highland Brewing founder Oscar Wong, his daughter Leah Wong Ashburn, the brewery president and CEO, and journalist Jon Page. The panelists talk about longevity and legacy, tradition and innovation, volleyball, family dynamics and more.

DBTB Episode 129: Sam Tierney of Firestone Walker

Sam Tierney is the brewing manager of the Propagator, the small brewing project in Los Angeles from Firestone Walker. From how beers go through trials to hop experimentation we’ll cover it all.

DBTB Episode 128: Andrew Foss of Human Robot

Lagers get a lot of love at Human Robot Brewing in Pennsylvania and we’re talking with Head Brewer Andrew Foss about the brewery’s approach, fascination with aged hops, and expansion.

DBTB Episode 125: Jeff Bagby of Bagby Beer Co.

As we start to near the third year of this pandemic the impact on breweries remains severe. Jeff Bagby of Bagby Beer Co. in Southern California is here to talk about his COVID-19 experience and then offer some praise and a plea for classic styles of beer.

DBTB Episode 124: Other Half Brewing’s Felipe Higgins

Other Half is a brewery synonymous with IPA but when you head to their location in upstate New York you’ll find more than just haze. Today I’m talking with Felipe Higgins, the head brewer at Other Half Finger Lakes about the outpost and its robust mixed fermentation program.

DBTB Episode 123: Super Bowl Bets with Three Weavers, Crowns and Hops, and Rhinegeist

The Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and we’re using that as a chance to catch up with breweries from the cities that are playing in the big game. Lynne Weaver of Three Weavers and Teo Hunter of Crowns and Hops in Inglewood are here along with Matthew Steinke of Rhinegeist Brewing in Cincinnati to talk about a friendly wager, diversity and inclusion in the beer space, establishing community, and even a little business.

DBTB Episode 122: Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing

Haze might be popular, but the clear, vibrant, and assertive West Coast IPA still has a lot of life left in it and holding that torch high is Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing in California. He’s here to talk hops and creativity, mixed culture, and the importance of being small and independent.