DBTB Episode 143: Author Pete Brown talks about Clubland and The World’s Best Beers

“Pete Brown is a an award winning writer and  author whose curiosity has led him deep into the history of food and drink and along the way he has uncovered forgotten stories, helped shape the understanding of beer, and enchanted readers though his ability to convey a keen sense of place and voice. 
His latest book was just released. It’s called Clubland: How the Working Men’s Club Shaped Britain. He charts the clubs early beginnings, booming popularity, influence on popular culture, and eventual decline. 
In the pages, reads some promo copy, Pete ‘explores the clubs’ role in defining masculinity, community and class identity for generations of men in Britain’s industrial towns. They were, at their best, a vehicle for social mobility and self-improvement, run as cooperatives for working people by working people: an informal, community-owned pre-cursor to the Welfare State.’
The we transition to another book: World’s Greatest Beers: 250 Beers from Pilsen to Portland, which will be published by CAMRA Books in August. Pete is the chief writer on the book that includes entries from other well known writers in the beer space, including the host of this podcast. We’ll talk about how to build out such a list, the eventual flack that will be flung, and what goes into enjoying a great beer aside from taste.”

-John Holl
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