DBTB Episode 99: Cody Martin of Martin House Brewing

Photo Courtesy of Martin House Brewing

If you’ve been curious about pickle beer, this is the show for you. This week on the podcast we’re talking with Cody Martin, he’s a co-founder of Martin House brewing in Texas which just released the latest in its pickle beer lineup: grape punch flavor.

DBTB Episode 98: Becky Ryman of Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

We’re talking with Becky Ryman of Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. which is coming up on four years. They are at a crossroads, looking to grow but trying to figure out the best path forward. From paying employees well and staff retention to managing the owner and brewer relationship, we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of the business.

DBTB Episode 95: Max Borgardt of Eagle Park Brewing

From music’s relationship to beer, to how COVID helped speed up growth plans Max Borgardt of Eagle Park Brewing in Wisconsin is our guest this week. We are also talk about the collaboration the brewery created with the Hope For the Day foundation. An IPA called Things We Don’t Say, which encourages us to talk about mental health.

DBTB Episode 94: Kolin Krokis of Rural Routes Brewing

If you’ve never heard of or met Kolin Krokis, strap in. This is going to be a fun and globe trotting ride. From the earliest days of Brew Dog, to starting breweries in Australia, and now at a brewpub in Canada he shares his story, advice, and how showing no compromise has gotten him this far.