DBTB Episode 100: Day Bracey of the Barrel and Flow Festival

Day Bracey wants to empower the Black community through the beer industry. This is a year-round goal and the podcaster, comedian, and festival organizer does that every day all day. But next week in Pittsburgh he is hosting the Barrel and Flow Festival and will be able to put the goal front and center. 
It’s the continuation of the Fresh Fest, which he founded with business partner and podcast co-host Ed Bailey and rebranded for a new year after some issues with the name and a chance in another business relationship. 
There is a lot of talk about diversity in the craft beer space.  But talk is just that. Action is what is needed. After countless brewery visits and conversations Day has a pretty good idea on what needs to be done to bring meaningful change to the space.
On this episode of “Drink Beer, Think Beer” he’ll share his thoughts on the subject and the industry and he also talks about how the festival is coming together how it aims to create a welcoming space – something that some other festivals don’t always offer. 

This was recorded over zoom, and there were a few weak signal moments. Don’t adjust your dial. 

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