DBTB Episode 120: Jean-Claude Tetreault of Trillium Brewing

After years of patiently waiting and thinking about blends, Trillium released its spontaneous beer just before the holidays. On this episode brewer and co-founder J.C. Tetreault talks about the beer, the business, culinary inspirations, farming and more.

DBTB Episode 114: Brewers Talk About the Best of the Year

From lagers to pastry stouts, the taproom experience, changing the culture around beer, and talking about underrated styles, the show is excited to welcome four brewing professionals from around the country to talk about the year that was and what the new one could be.

Episode 55: Anna Jobe of Night Shift Brewing

Talking with the innovation brewer at Night Shift about creating a recipe from scratch and where she finds inspiration. Then it’s a dive into the brewery’s future plans that include seltzer, wine and cider.