Episode 49: Brienne Allan of Notch Brewing

Show notes from host John Holl: 

“I love a good conversation over beer and these days it’s hard to do it in person, but it is alive online. One person I can always count on to get the brain cells working and to challenge the notions of beer is Brienne Allan, the production manager at Notch Brewing, in Salem Massachusetts. 


She’s worked at the brewery for three years and handles a variety of roles and has been instrumental in getting some of the more beloved and esoteric lager projects off the ground an into production. She’s got a love of historical tradition of styles, technical knowledge, and worldly travels and revived the Pink Boots Society chapter in Massachusetts a few years back. 


We get into all that and more in this conversation that bounced around topics quickly. She spoke to me from Notch, and I wanted to start off on a positive note.”



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