DBTB Episode 150: Christian Weber of Common Roots Brewing

This is a story about rebirth and community, of family determination and neighborly help. After Common Roots Brewing Company burned to the ground a few years ago, the brewery rebuilt and is growing. Christian Weber, the founder of the brewery is here to tell the story.

DBTB Episode 149: Travis Zeilstra of By All Means Brew Lab

There is a relationship between beer and food that spans beyond flavor. It goes into creativity and passion and when they come together, it can be magical. Travis Zeilstra of Montana’s By All Means Brew Lab is on the show to explain.

DBTB Episode 122: Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing

Haze might be popular, but the clear, vibrant, and assertive West Coast IPA still has a lot of life left in it and holding that torch high is Julian Shrago of Beachwood Brewing in California. He’s here to talk hops and creativity, mixed culture, and the importance of being small and independent.

DBTB Episode 65: The State of Beer Bars featuring Chris Black, Michael Roper, and Polly Watts

The pandemic has been devastating for bars across the country. On this episode we talk with three publicans of beloved craft beer bars about what 2020 has been like, measures they have taken to survive, and the challenges of a new year. Listen to Chris Black of the Falling Rock Tap House in Denver, Polly Watts of the Avenue Pub in New Orleans, and Michael Roper of Hop Leaf in Chicago talk about their bars, which we all love so much.

Episode 63: Mitch Steele of New Realm Brewing

Courtesy of New Realm Brewing

A conversation with Mitch Steele, the brewmaster of New Realm Brewing on the evolution of IPAs, finding the right food pairings, styles that he cares about and wants to develop, and what he’s learned over a long career of brewing.

Episode 62: Laura Ulrich of Stone Brewing and Pink Boots Society

Courtesy of Stone Brewing

From brewing speciality batches to following career desires, and the importance of education, Laura Ulrich of Stone Brewing talks about her beers and passions. As president of the Pink Boots Society she talks about the changing nature of beer education and advocacy.

Episode 61: Hugh Sisson of Heavy Seas Beer

Hugh Sisson, the founder of Heavy Seas Brewing, talks about 25 years in the brewing industry and what he has learned along the way. From distribution decisions to a love of cask ale and while it will never take off in America, he shares insights, stories, and a prayer from the brewery in Baltimore.