DBTB Episode 124: Other Half Brewing’s Felipe Higgins

Other Half is a brewery synonymous with IPA but when you head to their location in upstate New York you’ll find more than just haze. Today I’m talking with Felipe Higgins, the head brewer at Other Half Finger Lakes about the outpost and its robust mixed fermentation program.

DBTB Episode 120: Jean-Claude Tetreault of Trillium Brewing

After years of patiently waiting and thinking about blends, Trillium released its spontaneous beer just before the holidays. On this episode brewer and co-founder J.C. Tetreault talks about the beer, the business, culinary inspirations, farming and more.

DBTB Episode 111: Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Wild Ales

Photo courtesy of Odd Breed Wild Ales

From the blending of beer styles to create something new, grading barrels, fighting back against bullshit in beer, and sticking to a brewing ethos, Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Wild Ales is here to talk about microbes and more.

DBTB Episode 92: Zack Adams of Fox Farm Brewery

Fox Farm Brewery is ready to release its first spontaneous ale, and owner and brewer Zack Adams talks about that, traveling to enhance brewing styles, and his newest Rauchbier collaboration with Live Oak Brewing.