DBTB Episode 146: A History of Brussels Beer in 50 Objects

As one of the most famous beer cities in the world Brussels is well trodden ground, but a new book seeks to explore the Belgian capital through objects that have helped define its drinking culture. Eoghan Walsh, the author of “A History of Brussels Beer in 50 Objects” is my guest this week.

DBTB Episode 69: Drew Fox of 18th Street Brewery

Courtesy of Drew Fox

Drew Fox, the president and founder of 18th Street Brewery in Indiana talks about the evolution of his beers, his recipes, and how the conversation about mental health in the beer industry is one we all need to have more often.

Episode 55: Anna Jobe of Night Shift Brewing

Talking with the innovation brewer at Night Shift about creating a recipe from scratch and where she finds inspiration. Then it’s a dive into the brewery’s future plans that include seltzer, wine and cider.

Episode 54: Mike Kraai of Drowned Lands Brewery

The newly opened Drowned Lands Brewing space in New York is a wonderful, sleek combination of tradition, modern flair, and finding innovation in beer. Owner Mike Kraai talks about his love of oak, and how he wants his beers to convey a sense of place and time.

Episode 53: Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey

The founder and brewer of The Lost Abbey talks about how COVID-19 has changed his business and what the pandemic means for beer in general going forward. Tomme Arthur is here to talk about what comes next for brewing.