DBTB Episode 125: Jeff Bagby of Bagby Beer Co.

As we start to near the third year of this pandemic the impact on breweries remains severe. Jeff Bagby of Bagby Beer Co. in Southern California is here to talk about his COVID-19 experience and then offer some praise and a plea for classic styles of beer.

DBTB Episode 118: The World Atlas of Beer

Resolve to do more reading and travel this year and start with the World Atlas of Beer. The authors are here to talk about the book, beer destinations, and the constantly changing landscape of styles.

DBTB Episode 115: Daniel Carey of New Glarus Brewing Co.

While the brewery might be best known for Spotted Cow, there’s more to New Glarus Brewing than that one beer. Daniel Carey, the founder and brewer is on the show to talk about flavor, recipe development, specialty ingredients, and more.

DBTB Episode 114: Brewers Talk About the Best of the Year

From lagers to pastry stouts, the taproom experience, changing the culture around beer, and talking about underrated styles, the show is excited to welcome four brewing professionals from around the country to talk about the year that was and what the new one could be.

DBTB Episode 113: Sam Riggins of Cosmic Eye Brewery

Sam Riggins, the brewer, owner, and doer of all things at Cosmic Eye Brewery in Lincoln, Nebraska talks about beer that tastes like beer, collaborations to grow a business, and the nitty gritty of owning a brewery.

DBTB Episode 111: Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Wild Ales

Photo courtesy of Odd Breed Wild Ales

From the blending of beer styles to create something new, grading barrels, fighting back against bullshit in beer, and sticking to a brewing ethos, Matt Manthe of Odd Breed Wild Ales is here to talk about microbes and more.