DBTB Episode 95: Max Borgardt of Eagle Park Brewing

From music’s relationship to beer, to how COVID helped speed up growth plans Max Borgardt of Eagle Park Brewing in Wisconsin is our guest this week. We are also talk about the collaboration the brewery created with the Hope For the Day foundation. An IPA called Things We Don’t Say, which encourages us to talk about mental health.

Episode 56: Jeremy Marshall of Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Courtesy of Lagunitas

The brewmaster of Lagunitas Brewing Co. talks about the relationship to beer and marijuana, an overall maturing in the beer space, and just how difficult it is to nail a non-alcoholic recipe. Jeremy Marshall has seen a lot of changes at the California-based brewery since it was fully purchased by Heineken three years ago, but says the core and soul of the brewery “that knows a good party” remain firmly intact.

Episode 55: Anna Jobe of Night Shift Brewing

Talking with the innovation brewer at Night Shift about creating a recipe from scratch and where she finds inspiration. Then it’s a dive into the brewery’s future plans that include seltzer, wine and cider.