DBTB Episode 90: Latiesha Cook of Beer Kulture

Show notes from John Holl:

“I’m really excited to have Latisha Cook on the show this week. I’ve had the occasion to talk with her in the past and her passion for beer, for sparking conversation, collaborations, and a drive for a more inclusive beer industry and community is infectious.

We’ve talked about the need for diversity and diverse perspectives on the show before and Cook has been at the forefront of several initiatives for several years now. The latest way Beer Kulture is advancing opportunity is through the Sparks Foundation. It will be giving four $5,000 grants to four deserving black men per year, she says. 
“The intent is for these grants to give a boost to Black men so they can launch their visions,” Cook said when announcing the initiative. “But it also goes beyond that to help these men build a family legacy. Generational wealth isn’t seen as often in the Black community the way it is in other communities. If access to traditional funding is a problem, it’s hard to create something that can extend beyond one person’s lifetime. Hopefully these grants help Black men begin to create legacies that endure for generations.”

In this episode we talk about the foundation and opportunities, generational wealth, and all the other things Beer Kulture has going on, but first, because not everyone is familiar with the organization, I started off by asking her to give a little background on how the organization started.”

For more information on the Sparks Foundation, or to apply for a grant, visit  https://www.beerkulture.com/sparksfoundation. Applications will go live June 1st and remain open until July 16th. Beer Kulture will announce the first grantee on August 1, 2021.

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