Beer Edge

Beer Edge connects its audience with the wonderful, gregarious, and often challenging world of beer. With thousands of breweries around the globe producing awe-inspiring ales and lagers, there truly has never been a better time in history to be a beer drinker. While beer long served as a uniform, interchangeable widget for many beer drinkers, differentiated only by the cheekiness of the brand’s supporting ad campaign, today’s beer offers a deeply personal experience for many people. 

Flavorful beer elicits strong feelings, brings out passions, and forges a sense of community among those who love it. Far beyond a solo exercise, beer drinking today offers those engaged the opportunity to come together in celebration of the beverage they love.

Beyond all the fun of hoisting rich, creamy stouts and drinking juicy and aromatic IPAs, brewing is also big business today. A multi-billion dollar industry that shapes trends, promotes agriculture, manufacturing, and economic growth on Main Streets around the country, the beer industry employs hundreds of thousands of passionate people who work hard everyday to fill your glasses. 

Founded by Andy Crouch and John Holl, Beer Edge endeavors to provide unparalleled coverage of and insights into the beer industry for its readers and listeners. A community as vibrant and varied as craft beer requires dedicated, knowledgeable, and informed reporters to bring its stories to light. 

Beer Edge is creating an all-encompassing, multimedia platform from which to deliver quality, entertaining, and informative beer content for the engaged, interested consumer. Our mission is to provide consumers and industry players alike with a fresh and unfiltered look at the world of better, flavorful beer. We seek to capture the essence and passion of brewers, both big and small, foreign and domestic, each of whom has a distinctive and colorful story to go along with the beautiful beers they produce. 

With nearly two decades of experience covering the beer industry each, Crouch and Holl provide subscribers with unparalleled experience in covering the craft beer industry. The team at Beer Edge is uniquely positioned to provide their readers with smart and critical insights into the business and culture of beer. 

Beer Edge covers all aspects of the beer industry and brewers regardless of size, and it focuses on providing fair and impactful coverage to the legions of professional brewers, homebrewers, and engaged fans who seek a better understanding of the drink they care so deeply love.

Beer Edge provides original reportage, not the stale, recycled news articles and pass-through press releases that readers can find anywhere. We go and talk to the sources and report stories that our audience has not heard before. It is a fresh and unfiltered look at the world of beer. 

From long-form writing that explores the culture, business, and process of brewing, to shorter essays, think pieces, and timely editorials, Beer Edge hosts sharp writing that provides context to an industry that often just receives cursory coverage. For consumers, bartenders, brewers, industry executives, distributors, farmers, bar owners, tourism boards, analysts, and anyone else eager for more news about the craft beer industry, Beer Edge is an unmatched source for insight, opinion, and engaging content. Beer Edge serves as the go-to resource for those looking to forge a deeper connection with beer and the industry supporting it. 

The team at Beer Edge understands the challenges facing craft brewers and sellers of better beers and we are also conversant in what makes them appealing to consumers. We know you want more than scan data and regurgitated press releases. Beyond covering the business of beer, our reporting assists the trade in discovering trends in the world of brewing, including detailed coverage of emerging style and flavor developments and concepts. Based in rigorous reporting and sourcing, Beer Edge helps its audience better understand and navigate the world of beer.